Monday, February 19, 2007

Veterans Voice

Veterans Voice

Monday, September 11, 2006

Eugenia Piantieri

Eugenia Piantieri, or Jean as she was called by most friends and family, was 55 years-old when the world was robbed of her presence. The daughter of a military man she and her twin brother Marvin lived on Guam until they were seven-years-old and their father was transferred to an installation in California. Those who remember her from High School remember her by her maiden name of Jean McCann. She was a member of both the Drama and Commercial Clubs her senior year. Later she met and married Anthony Piantieri.
These are just a few of the fact from the life of a wonderful lady. While interesting they can sound a bit dry to anyone that did not have the pleasure of knowing Jean. Such facts overlook the fact that she had unique personality that was both outgoing and charming and that made people thankful just for the privilege of being in her presence. They speak nothing at all about a woman that despite being fifty-five years-old, still had a whimsical side which could be seen by how much she enjoyed the movie Funny Girl or in the fact that she still loved to tease her cousin Polly by reminding her of all the misdeeds she carried out as a child. Simple facts say little of her love of laughter or how her own smile and laughter enhanced her own natural beauty.
A listing of simple facts do not speak clearly to the extra personal effort she extended to help her cousin secure a job at Raytheon where she was employed at the time. The simple facts of this beautiful life do not explain the ability and desire she had to make visitors to her home feel not only welcome, but as if they were at home. It is difficult to realize how much she loved her adopted city, New York or how much she enjoyed walking through the city at night with friends. A simple statement of fact does little to help us understand how much she loved and enjoyed her new job at Marsh-McLennan Insurance on the 97th floor of tower one of the World Trade Center.
I never had the privilege of meeting Jean but I have no doubt I would have liked and respected her and that she was a person that led a life that deserves to be celebrated. Hers was a life that brought joy and comfort to many many others and made this world a better place.

Friday, February 17, 2006

The Quail Hunter Gang


Despite all that is going on in the world and our own nation, people in the liberal news rooms across the nation have nothing to do. I assume large numbers of them are playing solitaire, computer games, maybe building replicas of little ships in bottles. No matter which of these fine activities the many left leaning journalist are engaging in, a few of their number seem to have become so bored with the lack of worthwhile activity that they have started searching the archives for stories to write about.

It seems that various news papers and electronic news services have discovered some “new” pictures from Abu Ghraib and the abuse that took place there. These pictures don’t show anything new, don’t implicate any person that has not already been investigated and adjudicated in the matter. Com’on guys, a crime occurred, was investigated and the guilty have been arrested, tried and are or have been punished accordingly. It’s over. It’s history. Let’s move on with life.

Dick Cheney and the
Quail Wrangler Gang

Dick Cheney, our nation’s Vice President had the nerve to go quail hunting this past weekend. Not only did he have the audacity to engage in a relaxing activity, he (get ready) used a gun. I know, all of the wonderful liberals and tree huggers have been telling us for years that hunting, if it must be done at all, should only be done with a slingshot with two broken rubber bands. What can I say? The VP is old and stuck in the ways of the pioneers. This isn’t the real crime though. It seems some of our Vice President’s bird shot struck one of his hunting buddies. To be sure, a far from insignificant event.

The liberals, having left their common sense and good taste in another suit, are trying their best to make this story sound like Cheney pulled off a drive-by shooting in his low-riding bullet proof limo. The event unfolded something like this. The Vice President along with several friends were hunting quail in a straight line manner. Mr. Whittington dropped out of line without saying a word to anybody to look for a downed bird in tall grass. He then rejoined the line of hunters without saying anything to anybody, and in so doing walked into the Vice President’s line of fire. At the moment the Vice President fired Mr. Whittington was standing in a gully, making him much lower on the landscape that he would normally have been. This made him harder to see and more in line with the path of a rising quail. That’s all there was to it, period!

Now some would have the public believe otherwise. Based on nothing more than the fact that Mr. Cheney didn’t immediately go running out to the press pool screaming “I shot a man, I shot a man!” Instead the injured man was taken to the hospital (what without a press conference?) and Cheney spoke with law enforcement officials the following day. Gilbert San Miguel, chief deputy of the Kenedy County Sheriff’s Office said that there was no misconduct, no alcohol involved, this was simply a hunting accident. The stupidity doesn’t stop here though. David Finn, a former Texas and federal prosecutor says that a grand jury could bring an indictment if “there is evidence the Vice President knew or should have known ‘there was a substantial or unjustifiable risk that his actions would result in him shooting a fellow hunter.’” The proper authorities have already labeled this an accident and this fool is screaming for a grand jury. Whoever took the liberals string away from them needs to give it back so they’ll have something to play with.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Scuzlims and Cartoons


There has been a lot of talk lately in the liberal press about all the fuss the scuzlims are creating over a few less than flattering cartoons of the “prophet” mohammed that ran in a Danish news paper some five months ago (yes, five months). They have been rioting and trying to destroy the property of anyone that isn’t a brother scuzlim. Just today three people died in Pakistan as a result of their murderous ways and there are many others dead over the last two weeks or so because of the scuzlims and their hatred of anything intelligent. They claim that no one has the right to create an image of ol’mohammed the vile. What the heck are they talking about? I mean, if they want to keep images of their main dude out of their cult that’s all well and good but what right do they have to tell you, me, the Danish, or anyone else what we can and can’t create and/or publish?

Not only are there people dying as a result of the unlawful rioting of the scuzlims, the “religion” that all this is based on is no more than a cult and worship of a man that himself admitted that most of his ramblings while at first claimed to be of God, he later admitted they were demonic utterances. The Koran, the book mohammed used to record his demonic words still claims that mohammed is the “prophet of God,” however; God’s True Word clearly states that Jesus is His Messenger, His Son, and the only way to God. Not only that, the Koran written some seven hundred years after Christ, violates God’s word by its very existence. In Revelation God clearly states that no one should take away from His word, and by claiming that there is another way to heaven other than Jesus, takes away all that the New Testament brings us.

The next issue that needs to be kept in mind is the character of mohammed himself, the character that all this scuzlim nonsense is based on. Mohammed was a pedophile. He married a girl when she was six (6!) years-old. When her father objected (how dare he?) suddenly dear ol’mohammed claimed that the whole marrying a child idea was God’s. Now it should be said in mohammed’s defense that he waited till the girl was the ripe old age of nine (9) before he consummated the marriage physically. What a sweetie! Just to be sure that he had his followers fooled into thinking it was right for him to molest a nine-year-old, he wrote in the koran “There is no fault in the prophets wives.” Another interesting fact is that the scuzlims will claim that their god, mohammed, ascended into heaven from what the Hebrews call the Temple Mount and they call the dome of the rock. History records things a little differently though. It seems that he was poisoned by the wife of one of his murder victims. The really important thing is that Christ’s tomb is empty, mohammed’s is still occupied.

Let’s take just a quick look at the cult itself. The scuzlims claim that theirs is a religion of peace. I guess that depends on how you define peace. The koran, their “holy” book gives very explicit instructions as to how to handle unbelievers, and by unbelievers they mean anyone that doesn’t believe exactly as they do, kill them. Don’t explain the cult to them, don’t try and convert them, just kill them. Well, I guess if they’re good enough at it they will have peace, they’ll be the only ones left. I firmly believe that in reality that is exactly what they want. To kill each and every one of us that dares to believe in truth rather than a pedophiliac murderer named mohammed. The koran also teaches that if someone does something that is offensive to them (probably what they are basing their rioting on) they should seek revenge. However, the Bible, God’s true word, says clearly and repeatedly that revenge is God’s (Lev. 19:18, Prov. 24:29, Rom. 12:17, I Thess. 5:15, I Peter 3:9, Deut. 32:35, Ps. 94:1, Ezek. 25:17, Michah 5:15, Nahum 1:2, Rom. 12:19, II Thess. 1:8, and Heb. 10:30). Even his beginnings in life seem to have been surrounded by violence. It seems that just weeks before he was born his father died a sudden and violent death. You have to admit that does raise questions about whether or not the man that died was really his father. In that time and place such a situation certainly wouldn’t have been unique.

Perhaps someday, some great day of enlightenment for these people, they will realize that by worshipping mohammed, they are worshipping Satan himself.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Pirates Den


There’s been a lot of talk lately in the news media and on the talk shows about Iran and their drive to restart their nuclear enrichment program. Our government does have satellite photos of buildings being constructed for this very purpose. In the west there has mainly been talk about how they should end the program once and for all or there could be stiff sanctions from the U. N. You remember the United Nations. It’s that big building in New York that has so much power to enforce its will on member nations. If the offending nation doesn’t comply they pull out all the stops and a bunch of old men and women sit around and say bad things about you in 200 different languages, sometimes these mean words are actually put in print. This drastic measure is most likely responsible for the UN’s long and distinguished record of success. Even the French are upset with Iran and are considering taking direct action to force the Iranian government to dismantle the enrichment program. Rumors coming out of France indicate that the French government is going to give Iran 48 hours to dismantle the entire program before they take decisive action. Although no government official will confirm or deny it, some well placed individuals say that at precisely 4: 00 PM on the day following the expiration of the deadline, all French citizens will leave whatever buildings they are in, turn toward Tehran and stick out their tongues. The French have not taken such a drastic action in many years. The most recent example was in 1943 against the German occupiers. However, it should be noted that as determined as the French were, the decision to stick out their tongues in secret was considered acceptable.
The idea of the Iranian government starting a nuclear enrichment program and particularly the line up of nations decrying their actions put me to thinking of something I read in the fifty-first chapter of Jeremiah. The entire chapter is a prophesy outlining the destruction of the land of Babylon, which was partially located in the land we know today as Iran. Several of the verses speak directly to the time when Babylon will be destroyed, and I believe, bear looking at while keeping current events in mind. I want to make it clear I am making no predictions, no statements that should be considered an absolute as to what may or may not happen as a result of the world wide opposition to Iran’s renewed nuclear enrichment program. All I intend is to list some known facts and ask that you take time alone, some genuine quiet time to mull them over.
In verse one God (through Jeremiah) warns that he will send foreigners to “willow her and to devastate her land.” (see also Isaiah 13:9) If, and remember I am saying IF, anyone intervenes to put a stop to Iran’s nuclear program, it will be done by foreigners. This one verse is hardly conclusive but let’s continue through the rest of this rather lengthy dissertation. Verse nine says that “For her judgment reaches to the skies, it rises as high as the clouds” (see also Revelation 18: 1-8). Alone this is rather hard to envision and most liberal theologians today will say it should be understood as allegorical rather than descriptive. Just for fun though let’s keep in mind how Israel, England, and the United States like to use direct “surgical” air strikes to deal with problems within the borders of another nation. If, by some weird set of circumstances such a strike set off nuclear reaction, such an event could result in a genuine nuclear explosion that would produce a mushroom cloud that, just like in the pictures we’ve all seen, reaches to the clouds. Again, just something to think about.
Moving on through the chapter we come to verse twenty-six which says in part “for you will be desolate forever, declares the LORD.” If the nuclear explosion mentioned above did happen, there is no doubt that the resulting radiation would leave the land empty and desolate since nothing could live in a land that is contaminated with radioactivity. Even without the highly unlikely event of an accidental nuclear blast, there is still reason to be concerned with the idea of a “surgical” strike against any nuclear processing facility. This is particularly true when dealing with a nation like Iran where its leaders are more concerned with results than the safety of those producing the results.
I’m sure you are familiar with the concept of a “dirty bomb.” A dirty bomb consists of some type of conventional explosive such as dynamite and some type of nuclear material. The idea is for the explosion of the dynamite to spread the radioactive material over a wide area, killing or making seriously ill as many people as possible. In the various scenarios that the government web pages lay out for a dirty bomb, they set their parameters based on the person setting off the explosion using something along the line of waste material from some type of x-ray machine. As bad as this may be, possibly contaminating several city blocks, such a source is at the low end of the radioactive scale. The material Iran is working with, is working to make even more concentrated and deadly than it already is, is at the high end of the scale, which is of course, is an entirely different matter.
Let’s go back to those surgical air strikes again. Just suppose one of our nation’s more powerful conventional weapons struck the building where this enrichment program is being carried out. Our nation’s intelligence gathering sources tell us that when complete the building in question will contain fifty thousand centrifuges (that’s 50,000) working to enrich their plutonium. An explosion of such force, in the midst of such a massive amount of high yield plutonium could spread deadly nuclear material over a large area with the initial explosion, and then contaminate hundreds or even thousands of square miles as it is dispersed by the desert winds. A radioactive event of this nature would undoubtedly make the contaminated land impossible to live in, leaving it desolate and barren for thousands of years.
I’ve always noticed that when God repeats Himself, particularly in a short space such as one chapter of the Bible, it is something worth taking special notice of. Verse twenty-nine says “for the Lord’s purposes against Babylon stand – to lay waste the land of Babylon so that no one will live there.” In verse thirty-seven God says of Babylon “an object of horror and scorn, a place where no one lives” (see also Isaiah 13: 22). He continues in verse forty-three with “Her towns will be desolate, … a land where no one lives.” God raps up this declaration against Babylon with these words in verse sixty-two, “O Lord, you have said you will destroy this place, so that neither man nor animal will live in it; it will be desolate forever.” With the half life of this type of plutonium, the use of the word forever is not at all unreasonable.
Again I want to state that I am not saying that the end of the world is coming, that the sky is falling, that the rapture will occur at such and such a time. I am merely outlining some facts that have come to my attention. I am keeping in mind that Jesus said, “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” (Matthew 24: 36). I ask that you do the same as you consider the facts I have outlined.

All scriptural quotations are from
The Holy Bible,
The New International Version,
Cornerstone Bible Publishers,
Nashville, Tennessee

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Pirates Den


Representative John Murtha of Pennsylvania recently stood up in congress and demanded that American troops turn tail and run from the fight for freedom in Iraq. Knowing that criminals such as are carrying out the bombings and attacks in Iraq will use this type of comment to recruit and inspire their members this can be considered to be anything less than a traitorous act. Although few people read this site, I demand an official and straight forward answer to why this traitor has not been arrested and charged with treason and giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

Everybody seems to want to get in line just so they can say George Bush lied when he was telling Congress and the American people about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and the danger they and Sadam Hussein was to the United States. Such accusations may make for good press (unless the press has an unusual tendency towards honesty), and of course great fodder for the Democratic party and their hatred for anything honest and intelligent. Just to be different, let’s say we have a bizarre urge to be right, let’s look at some of the facts of the matter.

First off, when an exhaustive investigation of the matter was carried out by a bipartisan Senate committee, it was found that there was solid and credible information that Sadam Hussein had or was developing weapons of mass destruction. This conclusion was also reached by a separate British commission headed by Lord Butler. Also of interest is the fact that at the time he supplied information to Congress on this matter the totality of the information that Bush was privy to was far more alarming than what he revealed to Congress.

It should also be noted that the intelligence services of Britain, France (yeah, the cowards that hid in the closet), and Germany believed that Sadam had or was developing weapons of mass destruction prior to our invasion. They came to their conclusions on their own, with their own information, without encouragement from our government.

Lastly, the same bipartisan committee mentioned above, the one headed by Silberman and Robb, found that in no instance did the president ask or indicate that the intelligence community should alter or “buff up” their reports. So, the long and the short of it is that all these accusations by the Democrats (really that’s Dumbocrats but I’m trying to be nice) are 100% fabrication. In other words, they’re lying through their teeth to hurt the Republicans in the 2006 House and Senate races. You might want to make a note of that in your long range planner.

Anyone who has read this blog regularly knows that I am an unabashed Bush supporter, however, anyone can be wrong and when it comes to the issue of what to do about our border with Mexico, he is way off the mark. We do not need “guest worker” programs, we do not need less stringent immigration laws, we do not need to understand the plight of the Mexican immigrant. We need to see these people for what they are, criminals. When they cross our border illegally they are, as the word illegally indicates, breaking the law. We need to treat them as such and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.

Aside from the fact that we are not dealing with innocent people seeking a better life (if that is what they wanted they would expend their energy working to make their own country a better place to live) but criminals that want no more than all the money they can get their hands on. If you are wondering about this remember that Mexico’s largest income produce is money being sent back there from this country. There are other areas of concern within this larger matter of the porous border though. I have listed just a few of the things that show how vital the closing this border is:
Recently, a routine search at a checkpoint turned up 251 bundles of marijuana.
An immigrant was recently apprehended who was carrying a duffle bag containing three axes and three loaded guns.
The criminals themselves are in danger. In the fiscal year just ended 460 people died trying to cross the border. Considering all factors including the type of terrain, the real figure could be two to three times higher. The disease factor these corpses present to our country is terrifying.
Our Border Patrol agents have been attacked 687 times in the past year, almost double the figure of 384 from the year before.
Admiral James Loy, the former number two man at the Department of Homeland Security has said that intelligence strongly suggest that al Qaeda is eyeing the southern border as a “path of least resistance” to a strike inside the United States.
In the fiscal year that just ended, the Border Patrol had 155,000 arrests of illegal immigrants from countries “other than Mexico.” Six hundred and forty nine of these were from “special interest countries” (those that support, harbor, or spawn terrorists) including Afghanistan, Iraq, and Yemen.

In order to protect this nations security, its health and the economy several steps must be taken. They will not be easy, they will not be cheap, but we must act before we have an economic event that will make the depression look like a minor blip on the financial timeline. We must make sure our borders are secure before the criminals of al Qaeda manage to smuggle a nuclear or biological weapon across the border and initiate an attack that will make 9/11 pale in comparison. We must seal our borders before the rotting corpses of these criminals cause an epidemic that makes the flu outbreak of the early twentieth century seem mild in contrast.

One of the first things that needs to done is to get the appropriate experts to determine what, of all the technological advances of the last few years can be used to help detect criminals crossing our borders. I will not claim I have a technical background sufficient to outline just what we can do along these lines. However, I am certain such things as unmanned aerial vehicles, satellite imaging, motion detectors, thermal imaging devices, and many other gadgets can aid our Border Patrol in stemming the tide of incoming criminals. On the less technical side, areas of the border with solid fencing seem to have lower rates of intrusion and higher rates of apprehension and arrest. I do know that such fences can be electrified and use solar energy to keep cost and power distribution issues to a minimum.

We need to arrest and detain ALL criminals coming across our border. By criminal I mean anyone that is entering or attempting to enter this country illegally. For those that are beginning the “Where will we house them all?” song and dance, let’s look at history and see what can be done to mute that tired old tune. In the early days of World War II, when our nation was desperately scrambling to amass and train a military sufficient to mount a two front war they erected “temporary” housing for these new troops. These wooden structures, sufficient to house fifty-five recruits, had a life expectancy of three to five years before they would need replacement. Thirty years later, when I was serving in the Air Force, these structures were still standing and serving us well. They were strong and solid shelters against the weather as well as having the needed amenities for hygiene and sanitation. They were not luxurious, but they were never intended to be and had no need to be. There is no reason that several facilities consisting of dozens of these same type structures could not be built in the southwest to house the criminals apprehended along our borders.

We always activate various National Guard or Reserve units to help in a post disaster relief and clean up. There is no reason that the same cannot be done to patrol our borders. The damage to our economy and infrastructure being done by these foreign criminals is no less than that of a hurricane such as Katrina or Rita.
They have the equipment and the necessary training cannot be that major of an undertaking.

We must also, at the earliest possible opportunity, authorize our Border Patrol, local law enforcement, and whatever military is called in to assist, to use maximum force to apprehend and detain any person trying to illegally enter this country or flee from arrest. Also, and this will be less popular, we must deny citizenship to children of all persons criminally residing in this country, retroactive to for twenty-one years prior to implementation of this policy. This includes denying these children the medical care and bilingual education they are now receiving at your expense. To make sure this is understood, and that such services are not a continuing draw to the criminal element, we must use every means possible to disseminate this information to the illegal immigration network and community.

The Mexican government must be made to understand that unless they begin heavy and constant enforcement of immigration laws on their side of the border, all trade agreements are suspended. All economic aid, international loan repayment forgiveness programs and other economic incentives will be suspended until they are in total compliance with our border policies.

As I mentioned before, not all of the criminals crossing our border are from Mexico. Some countries, particularly those in Asia refuse to take their esteemed citizens back when we try and deport them. In such cases the person in question should be put on a flight to his/her homeland by U. S. Marshals, and then the planes exits guarded until the flight is in the air. Facial recognition software at all airports that have incoming flights from these countries should be able to handle our “No Return” policy. Trade and economic policies similar to those suggested for use against Mexico could also be instituted used against nations not wanting to accept responsibility for their own citizens.

The crisis of our porous borders is one of enormous magnitude. It affects every aspect of our society, causing us to spiral down into the very sewers from which it emanates. We must act, and we must act soon.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Pirates Den

Great news from the scientific community. It seems that researchers in Portugal have developed a vaccine that fights tooth decay in rats. Finally! I was beginning to think science was ignoring this critical issue. I was concerned because there’s a opossum that lives under my house that never brushes his teeth after meals. I’ve tried to teach him and warn him of the dangers but he just won’t listen. Even the stories of how much teasing he would suffer from all the other opossums when he has to gum his food hasn’t convinced him to do better. He doesn’t seem to understand that I can’t afford dentures for him when his teeth all fall out. With this new vaccine I don’t have to worry about it anymore.


A lot of people are upset because American troops recently found and liberated an Iraqi controlled detention center where the “detainees” (we call the people we have arrested there and in Afghanistan detainees also. Let’s be honest, they are prisoners.) appeared to be malnourished and some appear to have suffered some form or torture. I have no idea whether or not these people have been tortured, and if so it should stop, however, there does seem to be one issue that is being overlooked. This is an Iraqi run prison. These people are ones that according to the current government that have committed some type of crime. Since we are there to liberate the country, to allow them to establish there own laws and governmental systems? If so, why not let them do that? Torture is wrong but if we are there to let them create a real government with the respect of the people, shouldn’t we allow them to do it their way even if we don’t agree with it?


I’m sure you’ve heard of all the rioting in France and now spreading to Germany. This is all being done by people of North African or Arabian ancestry. That’s right, Muslims. They are upset because they have not been “allowed” to assimilate fully into the French culture. Assimilate on their own terms of course which is to be fully vested as citizens, with all the rights and privileges pertaining thereto. All the while of course they want to remain as freakishly different as . . . . . well. . . . . . they are.

They gripe about things like discrimination in hiring. They say that as soon as the name is seen to be Muslim in origin the response from prospective employers is always the same, silence. This sounds unfair to be sure but let’s look at one other thing before we see this as just more of the Muslim cry baby personality. France (and I have no great love for the cowardly French) have spent billions (yes billions with a B) on the communities where the Muslims live. They have invested in the infrastructure, schools, poverty programs etc. Yet still the cry baby Muslims continue to gripe they aren’t getting a fair shake. Yeah right!

One gripe is that at some of the high schools the failure rate is ninety percent. Now these schools have been built in the last few years, are as good or better than those in other parts of France. They are also equipped with the same type of supplies and technology as the rest of French schools. What do they want? Someone to come in and pound the knowledge into the kids brains? Take their test for them? Give them special test that it is know they will do well on? This last one may be the answer. We could give dear little 17 year old Achmed a chemistry test with one very difficult essay question. “Is water wet?” There is a chance that he will pass such a test.